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Control unit for cooling water: Waterguard WG10/1

usable for Testapparatus for Chemical Corrosion, Laborory Distillationsequipments etc.

Control unit for cooling water was developed as accessory for Testapparatus for Chemical Corrosion, as well can be used for other laborory distillationsequipments etc.

At testprocedures, lasting over night or weekend, a breakdown of cooling water for the condenser may nullify results of previous procedure and damage the apparatus, that's why a monitoring of circulation is useful. In this case

The control unit Waterguard WG 10/1 is keeping a watch to the flow of cooling water (f.i. on one ore more parallel working reflux-condensors). External flow-sensor is connected with the switching unit.

At loss of cooling water the heating of connected units will be switched off.




Parallel an alarm is sent to local network, computer or mobile phone and a timer is recording duration of interrupt the process.












Unit is composed of:









Flow-rate-sensor with cable and switching unit with operationelements














5. Technical Data:









Switching unit:






Flow-Rate Sensor




Power Supply:


220 - 240 V AC; 50 Hz


Switching Point:

ca. 0,5 l/min Water


Power Consumption:

2,0 A max.



Position of installation:

arbitrary (only respecting direction of flow)

Power Exit:


220 - 240 V AC; 50 Hz



max.10 bar




max. 2400 W



max. 100°C





 10A, slow



Total Length:

130 mm



Dimensions (BxTxH):

170 mmx 180 mmx 55 mm



16 mm





1013 g




9 mm



Time display


1/10 h




75 g



Maximum Time:


99,9 h

















Device is usable for continous working and corresponds to the essential protection ratings estabtished in the Directives of the European Parliament and of the council on the approximation of the laws of the member states relating to the electromagnetic compatibility (2004/108/EC). EN 61326-1: 2013 (table 3, class 8).

(26) Waterguard WG 10_1

Guarding a distiilationsequipment

(28) Ex-2_distillationsequipment



(27) Example-1 part of TI