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Gauge tube for measuring of slurries (enamels and glaces) for grinding fineness >15 grades

(accessories kit for the BAYER Slib sieves)



For measuring the grinding fineness of enamelslibs usually the BAYER enamel test sieve is used, with main components

-Sieving funnel of transparent plastic with special test sieves

-Graduated measuring tube with stopper

Graduated measuring tube allows to define precise and reproducible a fineness in the range of 1 to 12grades.



Until 15grades an evaluation is possible with sufficing precision. For dipping and flowcoating processes the sieve with the biggest aperture 

3600mesh/cm² is used. In the last years at enameling of Hot-Water-Tanks (HWT) became common finenesses more than 15grades, for what described

gauge tubes are not useable. A practicable way would be using sieves with coarser aperture e.g. 1600mesh/cm² instead of 3600mesh/cm², where the

measured values are to multiply with a coefficient to be comparable with the common values. Unfortunately this dimension of sieve is not available in

in the appropriated design, just as identical measuring tubes with expanded range of measurement, that’s why a modification of existing type made

sense. Simple lengthening for 10 grades with identical diameter of the tube was not practicable, the tubes became to long and the good manageability

was not given anymore. Increasing the diameter of gauge tube would be combined automaticly with decreasing of division and reducing precision of 

 measurement and was also not useful. A solution was found by increasing the volume of common gauge tube in combination with a cuvette with bigger

diameter in this way, that the volume of cuvette exactly meets the volume of 10 grades, and the range of measurement will be extended to 12-22(25)grades.

This article is registered as utility model Nr. 20 2013 006 778.0 at Deutsches Patent- und Markenamt



Measuring tube with expanded range of measurement