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TA ISO 28706-2   TA ISO 28706-4   TA ISO 4531   Cor Test   Bottom Heating   Waterquard     TA Prot. Current

Test auxiliaries: 

   Slib-sieves, SG.Bottles-System Bayer      4

  Gauge tube for grinding fineness >15 grades  (12)Measuring tube with expanded range of measurement

  Slib-Knife -System Bayer

  Dynamometer for mobile measurement of dipping weight (16) Dynamometer

  Calibrated Test-Sheets and –cylinders

  Draining-Cup (modified Ford-cup)

  FERRO Slump-Tester     5

  Test-stripes for Klotz-measurement (DIN 51175) (15)Klotz-stripe

   Broom-electrodes for Porosity-tester  (105)Besenelektrode

Test instruments:

   Test-pistol acc. to ISO4532     6

  Turning Rack acc. to ISO 4534 (Fusion-flow)    7

  Testing equipment acc. to ISO 29706-2

  (Restance to chemical corrosion) (10)Apparatus for testing acc. to ISO28706-2

   Testing equipment acc. to ISO4531 (9)Second Migration Test-Apparatus acc. to  ISO 4531



Testapparatus for determination of resistance to chemical corrosion by alkaline liquids acc. to ISO 28706-4

(29) TA ISO 28706-4



Testapparatus for measuring protective current at enamelled Hot-Water-Tanks acc. to DIN 4753 Teil 3

(30) TA prot current



Enamel-Bond-Tester (numerical)




Enamel-Bond-Tester acc.to EN 10209

(101) EBT 10209



Fluidimeter AS 100




Low Voltage Porosity Tester




Instruments for analysis of steel for sensitivity of fishscaling defects (EN10209) Dipermet /HELIOS 2



SITA-DynoTester, SITA-ConSpektor, SITA-CleanoSpector



- Instruments for measuring of tensid-




concentration, level of soiling of bath-liquids




and measuring cleanness of metal-surfaces



Laboratory and Factory Equipments




Rapid- and Roller Milling Machines

(32) Rapid duo

(33) Roller mill


Milling Jars for Rapid- and Rollermills

(1)Cup for Rapid-Mill

(2)Cup for Roller-Mill


Grinding Balls

(3)Grinding Balls



Spraying Guns -Spare parts for DeVilbiss- spraying guns




Manual Powder-applicator for laboratory and production

(120) Manual Powder Applicator


Kalibrierfolien SDM

(8)Kalibrierfolien für SDM






Chemicals and milladitions


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Screening pastes


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