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Corrosion Tester for Glazes and Engobes









based on ISO 28706-2 "Vitreous and porcelain enamels:


Determination of resistance to chemical corrosion by boiling acids









boiling neutral liquids and/or their vapours of corrosion protected flat surfaces (enameled, glazed, powder-coated








flat surfaces (enameled, glazed, powder-coated)




Apparatus allows to determine qualitative and quantitative the influence of corrosive liquids and their vapours






to metallic, silicatic and other corrosion protected surfaces by













loss in gloss











changing the structure of surface/defects






Example for corrosive changing of surface, simulated by the test:






(204) Example-1
(205) Example-2


Procedure for testing of leaching condudct at glazes and engobes of rooftiles:




"Engoben und Glasuren auf baukeramischen Produkten - Empfehlungen zum Prüfumfang für den

Nachweis der Dauerhaftigkeit" (55. Würzburger Ziegellehrgang , Dezember2016)






Several producers of glazes and engobes are using this test for quality control.





Structure of apparatus

Test cylinder of borosilicate glass

Liebig-West reflux condenser


Heater for lateral heating of test-liqid

Heater for supplementary bottom heating of test-specimen

Heat-controlling device

Chucking rack equipped with rapid-grip-nuts

Set of gaskets (Silicone and others)


(206)CorTest m Logo










For special duty in Ceramics (Roof Tiles)






Testing the durability of glazed roof tiles






 (leaching test acc. to KERAMIKINSTITUT Meissen)












Adapter and gaskets for samples with not plane surfaces

(separate for liquid and vapour phase testing)










supplementary bottom heating for liquid phase testing

(to guarantee a defined temperature of specimen)



Bottom Heating







Test cylinder with integrated bottom


(by principled surrender of testing the liquid phase)









(203) Adapter